About us


Casa Rafa Foundation, is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, which has the objective of preventing the risk of social, familial and scholastic exclusion of the children coming from vulnerable environments, by offering a program of social, educational, psychological and medical services, inside a Day Care Center.

Casa Rafa Foundation has been founded in 2004, to answer to the personal needs of children being in vulnerable or social crisis situations.

In 2006, Casa Rafa starts the scholastic, social and psychological assistance program for the children who attend the public school in Moșnița Veche.

In 2011 Casa Rafa Foundation develops a new voluntary project in the Penitentiary of Arad.

Our Projects


2006-2018 - Tutoring project for Mathematics and Romanian language for students.


2006-2018 - Helping project for material needs of families from Moșnița Veche.

Day Care Center

2006-2018 - Social and educational Day Care Center for children with risk of school desertion.

Vacation Projects

2006-2018 -Educational vacation projects and summer camps for children.

Social Assistance

2011-2018 - Social and spiritual assistance project for the women from the Arad Penitentiary.


2013-2018 - Project through which we offer educational, spiritual, moral and counseling services for the minor girls in Re-education Center Buziaș.


Future Projects

The parents school, a project which comes to meet the needs of the parents in raising and educating their children;

Our Services

The Day Center offers a lot of learning conditions, including the development of independent life skills, which are planned by

Our Beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries are 45 children aged between 6 and 12 years coming from families that do not have enough social and material conditions for raising and educating their children.

Our children come from families with many children; disorganized families (with single parents ); temporary found in crisis situations; without the support of the extended family; families with high risk of negligence; which do not have a proper home; environments which favor school desertion and no participation at school activities; families with poor medical assistance.


Why a day care center?

The Day Care Center follows the prevention of social exclusion for the children and their families with high risk of social isolation or found in incapacity to offer minimal conditions for sustenance, rising and education, with a program of educational, social, psychological and medical services offered inside of the center.

Where you can find us?


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