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Our Services

The Day Center offers a lot of learning conditions, including the development of independent life skills, which are planned by the specialized personal from Casa Rafa Foundation.

  • assisting with school homework;
  • learning and resuming the new notions learned from school;
  • we offer daily food to the children which are coming to Casa Rafa Foundation;
  • the children have the possibility to make their personal hygiene and daily care;
  • development activities for independent life skills;
  • learning English activities by games;
  • counseling and school and professional orientation for children;
  • counseling for parents and emotional support;
  • material help for the children and their families (clothing, shoes, cosmetics, food, toys, school supplies).



Transilvania Bank Account
IBAN LEI: RO28 BTRL 0360 1205 W386 94XX
IBAN EURO: RO03 BTRL 0360 4205 W386 94XX

Our Address

Location: Casa Rafa Foundation, Nr. 12 ,Erou Briciu Leontin Street, Moșnița Nouă, Timiș Province

Phone: 0256 393 724, 0256 313 106